DRET primaries impress in 'Write an Opera' performance

Four of the Trust’s Northamptonshire primaries created their very own opera which was written, directed and performed entirely by the pupils.

The Arbours Primary Academy, Briar Hill Primary School, Eastfield Academy and Cedar Road Primary School, took to the stage at the famous Nevill Holt theatre to reveal the result of months of preparation and rehearsal. 

Maggie Boothby, ‘Write an Opera Facilitator’ for the David Ross Education Trust, guided the pupils throughout the project, helping their themes and ideas come to life on the stage.

Maggie said: “Before we started this task many of the children had no idea what an opera was. We spent a lot of time gathering ideas and thoughts.

“I had to take a backseat and ensure the children were 100% responsible for all the decisions. It was important that this was entirely the children’s creation."

Each academy’s opera was very different, covering a wide variety of themes. The Arbours explored jealousy whilst Briar Hill were inspired by Greek Mythology. Eastfield covered bullying and Cedar Road chose to focus on honesty.

Isabella Mclellan, a Year 4 pupil at The Arbours, said: “I think the performance went really well. It was scary but very exciting performing in a proper theatre. I would definitely like to take part in an opera again!”

Marica Mercier, Head of Enrichment for the David Ross Education Trust, concluded: “To write and create a whole performance from scratch is an incredible achievement, especially as opera is a genre that isn’t necessarily associated with primary age children.

"All the pupils did a fantastic job and each and every one of them should be extremely proud.”