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  • Briar Hill Primary Amazing blue sky and sunshine for the Reception classes walk on Wednesday. Signs of spring spotted- leaf buds on th…
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  • Briar Hill Primary @BriarHillSch Well done YR Donaldson, YR McKee, Y1 Rosen, Y4 Rowling, Y4 Kinney, Y5 Tolkien, Y5 Morpurgo and Y6 Pul…
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  • Briar Hill Primary @BriarHillSch Our whole school attendance today is 97.4%...we are aiming for 98% tomorrow.
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Life With Us

The house system is a really important part of life at Briar Hill.

Every child and member of staff is given one of four houses to support. Houses are essential, as they create community spirit and give the children an opportunity to contribute to something bigger that involves children from all year groups. The children also support and raise money for charities in their houses.


The four houses are all named after British Artists; Gormly, Hockney, Banksy, Wiltshire


Dojo points are awarded for positive behaviour, efforts in learning and other good deeds. Pupils also participate and compete in competitions and events for Dojo points. Every week, these points are counted and pupils are awarded for success. Dojo points are then tallied and over the course of a term a winner is announced. The children in the winning house are rewarded with a special event. At the end of the year, once all points are tallied, the House Champions are announced.  Parents are encouraged to connect with the school through this system and they can check on points given, message teachers and also enjoy photos and videos from the class direct to any smartphones or email account.