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  • Briar Hill Primary Imitation stage of our art project, Year 5 having to use all their concentration #GregMike
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  • Briar Hill Primary Attention to detail, thought process and great concentration - way to go, our new Year Six...
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  • Briar Hill Primary Sports day 2019. Great job in the egg and spoon race - even managed to avoid the tiny people in the long grass..!
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School Parliament

Briar Hill has had a school parliament for a several years, however its most recent form was established in September 2016. 

School Parliament

School parliament is a key part of school life at Briar Hill Primary School. At the beginning of each year we hold a ‘local’ and ‘general’ election. The ‘local’ elections are held in children’s classes to elect their class representatives. ‘General’ elections are held to elect the Head and Deputy Head Boy and Girl. All children and teachers vote in the general elections and all candidates are given a week to campaign for election.

School Parliament meet each week and discuss any issues that affect children’s learning and enjoyment of school. It is a key of opportunity to listen to pupil voice and allow children to have an impact on their school.