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Our Classes

Welcome to the class pages for each of our classes at Briar Hill.

As a mainstream school, the classes work on the National Curriculum subjects. We concentrate on working in different ways using whole class teaching, small group, paired and individual approaches. We carefully adapt our teaching so that pupils can access the curriculum and have developed a range of techniques and strategies to ensure this. 

All classes are equipped with the latest technoilogy, which are used to enhance and enrich the curriculum. This includes supervised use of educational sites on the internet. 

Playtimes are fun as the children are able to use our well-equipped playground under the watchful eye of the supervisors. 


Teachers: Miss Neophitou (Monday to Wednesday) and Miss Kaval (Thursday and Friday). 

Support Staff: Miss Roberts and Miss Rowton.


Teachers: Miss Dalchow (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs Crozier (Wednesday - Friday) and Mrs McGovern (Monday - Thursday).

Support Staff: Miss Gibbs, Miss Flowers and Miss Jwanczuk.

Year 1

Teachers: Miss Abbott and Miss Johnson.

Support Staff: Mrs Graham, Mrs Upson and Miss Dovile.

Year 2

Teacher: Miss Tranter.

Support Staff: Mrs Garrett and Mr Francis.

Year 3

Teachers: Miss Allen and Mr Hickman.

Support Staff: Mrs Rainbow and Mrs Le.

Year 4

Teachers: Mrs Peters and Mrs Barker-Trett.

Support Staff: Mrs Watts and Miss Smith.

Year 5

Teachers: Miss Dalziel and Miss Coleman.

Support Staff: Mrs Dillon and Mrs De Lara.

Year 6

Teachers: Mrs Vile and Mr Hall.

Support Staff: Mrs Grant.