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  • Briar Hill Primary Amazing blue sky and sunshine for the Reception classes walk on Wednesday. Signs of spring spotted- leaf buds on th…
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  • Briar Hill Primary @BriarHillSch Well done YR Donaldson, YR McKee, Y1 Rosen, Y4 Rowling, Y4 Kinney, Y5 Tolkien, Y5 Morpurgo and Y6 Pul…
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  • Briar Hill Primary @BriarHillSch Our whole school attendance today is 97.4%...we are aiming for 98% tomorrow.
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About Us

We are very pleased to welcome you to Briar Hill Primary School. As a school we are lucky to benefit from motivated and positive pupils and a strong team of committed staff.

Our ethos and values

Briar Hill Primary School prides itself as being a values school, we promote 5 core values across the school at all times. These values are brave, respectful, innovative, ambitious and responsible. We ask all members of our school community to support and model these values in everyday life.

Our philosophy supports every child’s individual needs and strengths and recognises that children learn best when they are supported and challenged accordingly in order to allow them to develop their personal confidence and self esteem.

In order to cater for the whole child’s needs we run a variety of after school clubs, which change every term. These include Football, Rugby, Dance, Music, Glee club and Film club to name but a few.

Briar Hill Primary School also has the added benefit of running our own nursery, which takes children from the age of 3. This is an excellent opportunity for the children to develop social skills and become used to the school community before beginning in Reception.

Headteacher: Miss Janey Cooksley

Our classes are:


Miss Prince, Mrs Kowal, Miss Anderson, Mrs Rowton, Mrs Roberts


Mrs Neophitou, Miss De-Lara, Miss McGovern, Mrs Flowers, Miss Jwanczuk

Year 1

Miss Allen, Miss Abbott, Mrs Upson, Mrs Rainbow, Miss Le, Mr Francis

Year 2

Miss Johnson, Miss Warren, Mrs Garret, Mrs Graham

Year 3

Miss Tranter, Mr Clayton, Miss Brand

Year 4

Mr Lee, Miss Dalziel, Mrs Chamberlain, Miss Coles

Year 5

Miss Gribble, Mr Cox, Mrs Watts

Year 6

Mr Hamblin, Mrs Vile, Mrs Grant

Learning Mentors

Mrs Luu

Mrs Thomson