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About Us

We are very pleased to welcome you to Briar Hill Primary School. As a school we are lucky to benefit from motivated and positive pupils and a strong team of committed staff.

Our Ethos and Values

Briar Hill Primary School prides itself as being a school based upon values. Our values are:

Aspiration - Always aiming high

Ambition - Being the best we can

Courage - Nothing holds us back

Respect - Always leading by example

Our philosophy supports every child’s individual needs and strengths and recognises that children learn best when they are supported and challenged accordingly in order to allow them to develop their personal confidence and self esteem.

In order to cater for the whole child’s needs we run a variety of after school clubs, which change every term. These include Football, Rugby, Dance, Music, Glee club and Film club to name but a few.

Briar Hill Primary School also has the added benefit of running our own nursery, which takes children from the age of 3. This is an excellent opportunity for the children to develop social skills and become used to the school community before beginning in Reception.

Headteacher: Miss Janey Cooksley

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Katie Cross

Strategic Lead for Inclusion and Pastoral: Mrs Perry

Pastoral Team

Miss Bedford (Family and Safeguarding)

Miss Cameron-Leslie (Attendance and Behaviour)

Mrs Marshall (Safeguarding and Inclusion)

Office Team

Mrs Dawson

Mrs Hardy

Miss Begum

Our classes are:


Teachers: Mrs Neophitou (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Kowal (Thursday and Friday). 

Support Staff: Mrs Roberts and Mrs Rowton.


Teachers: Miss Smith (Monday, Tuesday and Friday), Mrs Crozier (Wednesday - Friday) and Miss McGovern (Monday - Thursday).

Support Staff: Miss Gibbs and Mrs Flowers.

Year 1

Teachers: Miss Abbott and Miss Johnson.

Support Staff: Mrs Graham, Mrs Upson and Mrs Jwanczuk.

Year 2

Teacher: Miss Tranter and Mrs Barker-Trett.

Support Staff: Mrs Garrett and Miss Jokulis

Year 3

Teachers: Miss Allen and Mr Mair.

Support Staff: Mrs Watts

Year 4

Teachers: Mrs Peters and Mr Hickman.

Support Staff: Mrs Rainbow.

Year 5

Teachers: Mrs Cross, Mrs Luu and Mrs Coleman.

Support Staff: Mrs Robinson and Mrs Le.

Year 6

Teachers: Mr Hall, Mr Warren and Mr Crozier.

Support Staff: Mrs Grant.

Specialist Teaching Support Team

Mr Lillyman